A Journey To A Big Haul: The Story Behind The 10 Series FR-S Purchase Part 9

Last time, I blogged about how I got the FR-S 10 Series paid off.  I also got the manual.  Next was seeing the car.

Apparently, the car was not in the main lot.  Instead it was located on another lot on the other side of the street.  The fleet manager gave us the car stock number which I forgot in 10 seconds.  He told us if it’s not there, it’s probably not here yet.  But I expected to be on that lot since he has a set of keys to the car.

Off to the other lot my parents & I go.  Found a Scion xB 10 series, a iQ 10 series, & a tC 10 series.  It was deeper into the lot that we managed to find a couple of FR-S 10 Series.  But none of them were mine’s as they were manuals.  Looking inside the cars, I like what I saw.  But I don’t have a manual gearbox in my car & the standard old Scion head unit is indeed what it is; not the 2014 touchscreen model that the company introduced at the time.

My dad found another FR-S 10 series being detailed by a staff worker.  Not sure if it was mine’s, I didn’t want to approach it anyways since it is being worked on & I know the car is here.  But my dad just approached to the worker to see if this was the car.  He had a small talk with the guy while my mother & I were looking at the other FR-S’ on the lot that haven’t been detailed yet.  My dad suspects that it is the car & got the plate badge number which is 1189 of 2500.  However, he didn’t remember what the car stock number is like me.  Regardless of getting excited for the car, I won’t be able to pick it up until the next week because of the manager’s schedule & mine’s.

So as I wait, the 2 checks were clear.  Just a few more days until the car pick up.  Waiting & reading most of the car manual, the day finally arrives.

When I went to pick up my car, I was educated a bit on the car.  One thing was the engine start stop button since I actually never have used a car with that feature.  Didn’t want to look like an idiot by not being able to drive the car off the lot.  So, I admitted it even though I did read it in the manual.

Afterwards, got the extras presented to me (extra warranty/protection) which I rejected & the most important thing: buying insurance.  To my surprise, the insurance cost wasn’t as high as I thought.  Probably because I have driven old luxury cars & thought the FR-S would be more since it’s much newer.

After I got my license plates, I drove off the lot.  This was the first time that I have driven the car as I never test driven it once.  The driving was rough at first as the car is low & the road feedback felt very bad since it was going over bumps & small pothole.  But the handle & stiff small steering wheel felt good & the cornering was precise.  Plus, the car does feel like it is sticking on the road.  I’m not a car guy, but the FR-S got me to enjoy it.

20130722-160423.jpgDidn’t do a lot of driving on it on the first day as I went straight home since I had relatives over & were with me on the trip to pick up the car.  So, I can’t be selfish on it.

For the final posts of this journey, I will be writing about my afterthoughts on owning this car.  Was it a good investment or did I get the buyer’s remorse?

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