If you have been going to my main site, you may notice that there is nothing there.  No updates.  Why?  Cause I can’t update anything there.  Why?  Cause the hosting web server is down for some reason.  It has been down for over a week now & I’m not sure what’s going on.  If it continues to be like that, I may go to a different free web hosting server.  I may have a feeling that the service is down for good since I haven’t heard any updates or reasons for the downtime.

If I move my site (yet again), I will post it here.  It is a hassle to do it as I have been moving so many times; mainly conflicts with the service being down or using some policy violation stuff on me that I don’t have or never done.

Update (April 8, 2014):Well as I post this up, the next day the hosting web server is up.  So, I uploaded my long awaited post tonight & it should be all good now.

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