A Journey To A Big Haul: The Story Behind The 10 Series FR-S Purchase Part 8

Last time, I wrote about how I finally got a price with the final total.  I was happy about it.  But I need money.

Money wasn’t much of an issue.  We had enough money for the car really.  It was just finding out about the price at the time.  Basically, my parents would pay most of it when I pay part of it.  From there, I would pay them back in installments in future dates.  I actually have more than enough to get the car by myself.  But my parents wanted me to save that money & earn some interest on it from the banks.  They felt that me paying them back would be useless.  Because of their age, they feel they won’t have much use for the money.  When I pay them back, it would given back to me in some form.  Personally, I don’t like that way of thinking as I don’t like having debt.  I like to get rid of those things ASAP.

Sorting the money, the next issue was how to pay.  We didn’t know if personal checks can be accepted.  If needed, we had to get a cashier’s cheque.  So I asked the manager that I dealt with & he said personal checks are fine.  Plus, he was willing to accept 2 personal checks: 1 from my parents & 1 from me.  The plan was my parents pay for the car price while I take care of the taxes & the other fees.  We just need to wait for the call to pay for the car when it arrives.

Time flies & I get the call from the manager that the car has just rolled into the lot.  But I can’t pick it up until a couple of days later as the bill of landing & other paper work had to be done.  I was allowed to come the next day to take a look at the car though.  However, I had another objective in mind which was to pay for the car when I went there to see it.

20130720-183235.jpgThe next day, we went to the manager’s office to pay for the car.  He was nice enough to give me the owner’s manual for the car to study a bit.  I was excited that I posted that blurry pic of the manual during the secret of the big haul.  Aside from the manual & payment, I signed for the car as well.  Technically I should look at the car first before signing it, but I trust the guy.  I paid for it already & got the manual as well.

But the reason was not to only see the car, I wanted to pay for it fast.  Personal checks could take time to clear, so I wanted to get that out of the way fast.  If there were problems, we could clear it up ASAP.  The purpose is to get the car as fast as possible since I waited very long as it is.

After signing & paying, the fleet manager asked me if I want to see the car.  This will be blogged in the next segment.

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