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Goodbye 2013 & Here’s To 2014!

Well, it’s almost 2014 on my side of the world. This year went pretty fast for me for some reason. It may be because I didn’t do my New Year’s Resolution that kept piling up through the years. I did … Continue reading

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A Big Amount Of Hauls Coming In On December 27, 2013 (Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX, Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance, Shin Megami Tensei IV, Perfume Sweet Refrain LE, Soulja Ame Nochi Hare/What’s your name? LE, & Ore no Imoto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Happy End LE)

Man, that’s the longest blog title that I have ever made.  Anyways, a lot of stuff came in after Boxing Day. From Best Buy on a Boxing Day sale, I got a bunch of games.  From the Square Enix side, … Continue reading

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A Haul That Just Arrived For Some Music On December 24, 2013 (DJ Okawari Diorama & Kaleidoscope, & Perfume Sweet Refrain Poster)

You may noticed that I haven’t putting a lot of stuff here lately or going at a slow rate.  It’s either that I’m very busy, got nothing to post, or hauls not coming in.  Well, I got something today. First … Continue reading

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The Customer Is Always Right!…. Really?

If you know me personally, you would know that I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (BBA).  I admit that I may not remember everything from my studies due to the lack of using them in my job.  But … Continue reading

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