November, 28 2013’s Haul Shows How Big Of A Leo Fan I Am (Leo Leiri Leo No Koto Book & Taiyo no Megami LE & Tote Bag)

Well, this took a long time to get.

Today, I finally got my Leo Leiri haul from Yesasia.  Don’t know why it took this long to get.

20131128-173114.jpgFirst up is Leo no Koto.  This is Leo’s first photobook.  I ain’t a fan of photobooks even though I got all the Rie Tanaka ones.  But I got this one to basically support Leo.  To be honest, she looks good at certain angles.  There are some that she doesn’t look to good.  The cover of this book is an example for me.  She has attracting cat-like eyes, but somewhat weird.  Not eyes like Taylor Swift.  But something like HK music artist Kelly Chan (or Chen based on whatever Chinese dialogue you go by).

20131128-180823.jpgNext up is Leo’s latest CD single Taiyo no Megami.  But why is there 2?  Because I brought 2.  Why did I do that?  Because I’m a stupid idiot that’s why!  Happy?

The real reason is that I couldn’t decide which one to get.  Usually I go for the LE version which is the 1 on the left.  That version has a DVD.  But there was another version which is the 1 on the right.  That version has a tote bag.  But no DVD.  That’s where the juggling began.  I didn’t know which version would be the most rare.  The tote bag version was going fast as it was in very limited numbers.  So, I just gave in & preordered both versions.

Now, both versions come with a postcard & a file folder.  The postcards are the same for all 3 versions.  However, the cover of the folder is different as it reflects to the CD covers as you can probably see.  The tote bag & normal versions have the same CD covers.

That is the last haul for this month.  Boy, it was a long time to get all of this stuff.  Was thinking it was lost in the mail.

Tomorrow is Black Friday.  Even if I get something tomorrow after work, it probably won’t be on any interest for this place.  We’ll see.

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