A Journey To A Big Haul: The Story Behind The 10 Series FR-S Purchase Part 6

20130826-203110.jpgPreviously, I wrote about how I managed to secure a 10 Series FR-S under my name without a deposit.  I also mentioned how I walked away as a happy customer.  But what I didn’t talk about is the waiting game.

After securing a car with the option to bail out without problems, I stopped looking for awhile.  I did this thinking that everything would be fine.  No more info hunting or car shopping.  I figured that the lease & fleet manager for the OpenRoad Auto Group would take care of everything.  However, that almost was a mistake on my part.

Although I knew a lot of things about the 10 Series FR-S, there were some things that would later damper my purchase on it.  The big issue was price.  No one knew what the price would be.  The manager didn’t know as well as he didn’t get any reports or info sent to him about it from Toyota.  I did read about from past Scion release series that they tend to be $2,000 more.  Worse case scenario is $5,000 more.  I had the number $2,000 in my mind.

With that number in my mind, more things started to worry me.  I read on the internet that the automatic versions of the 10 Series FR-S in Canada don’t include the solar shirt knob.  That hurt me a bit.  Then I find out that Canada also gets shafted from the 6.1″ touchscreen which is suppose to be standard.  Instead, we get the standard base head unit that is currently in the 2013 FR-S vehicles.  Another big hurt.  I went from preordering in May to discovering these things in June without bothering to look at info in-between.

Hearing all this, I sent an email to Scion Canada to confirm if this was true.  Apparently, it was.  They also told me to look up their website for more details on the car.  Originally the solar shift knob was included for the 10 Series FR-S, but it got removed.  I didn’t care too much on the head unit after awhile (but my parents did) since it doesn’t have GPS here & thought about replacing it for a better aftermarket one, but the shift knob was a bit of a kickback.  The shift knob is part of what makes the 10 Series what it is.

Thinking that I got shafted like other Canadian buyers of the car, I was thinking if the 10 Series was worth it or not.  A lot of people said that the LED headlights are what will make the car worth its price as those things are expensive.  However, what is the price of the car really?

With a good chance that I will not take the 10 Series because of the missing parts & potential high price, I went looking at the used car market again.  However like the past, the cars are priced high with high mileage as well.  The next option was to get a basic new FR-S.  Thinking of that option, I figure that I should just drop the whole thing.

Next time, the discovery of the price of the 10 Series FR-S & how I reacted to it.

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