October 24, 2013’s Haul Carries A VIP Price (Sony MDR-1RBT Headphones)

Well, today was the day that I was looking forward to.  Today here in Canada was a VIP sales event at the Sony Stores.  There were 2 items that I was going to go for.  But only came out with 1 item after not able going a salesperson & getting calls from work that distracted me from looking around.

20131024-184013.jpgI picked up this Sony MDR-1RBT headphone.  This is the Bluetooth version, not the noise cancelling one.  The prices for both versions were the same at $299.99.  The noise cancelling one was a very good deal.  But I prefer wireless.

I was originally going to go for the MDR-10RBT which is newer & cheaper.  But it wasn’t on sale.  With a $50 price difference ($30 if you include the VIP $20 voucher that I got) & the building being a bit cheaper, the MDR-1RBT is much better.  More premium & this was the 1 that I was originally hunting for before the MDR-1oR line came out.

The salesperson said she tried this one & the MDR-10R line & said this one is better.  Has better sound quality.  When I look at the specs online, they are the same.  But I find the 1 series to be more comfortable even though I have heard that this one gets hot overtime.  Then after taking the headphones home, I remember that the 1 series doesn’t support a certain codec when I don’t remember what it is & I don’t seem to use it since I don’t know what it is.

I wanted to get another item there, but it was sold out.  But I was able get it on backorder & with the sale price.  But still a bit iffy on it at the moment.  But the salesperson allowed me to cancel out if I change my mind.  Got 2 weeks to think it over.

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