October 8, 2013’s Haul Has Me A Bit Worrying (Beyond: Two Souls Special Edition)

If you have been wondering why there hasn’t been a lot of postings here, I’ve been busy & also very sick last week.  Also, I haven’t got much hauls.  Until now.

Today, I got this in the mail from Best Buy.

20131008-132545.jpgIt’s Sony’s Beyond: Two Souls from quanticdream for the PS3.  This is the special edition.  This edition is available for people that preordered the game.  But it should be available off the shelf at some locations.

This special edition has a Steelbook case.  But the case is smaller than what I usually see.  It’s the same size as a regular PS3 case.  Supposedly, there is additional 30 minutes of gameplay in this edition.  Originally heard it was a Gamestop exclusive, but later heard it’s a preorder bonus or special edition thing.

Now, I was on the fence about this game.  I didn’t get it because it has Ellen Page (I haven’t seen any movies in her in it).  Got it when I was offered at $50 instead of $60 & thought Heavy Rain was a okay game.  After seeing some game reviews of it yesterday & seen mixed scores, I was a bit concern.  I wasn’t able to cancel my preorder as it was already shipped out.  Oh well.

Expecting more things to come this month.  Stay tuned.

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