PS3 LE Unboxing: The Last Of Us Survival Edition

IMG_20130804_172010Today, we will be getting a lesson in survival.  We will be unboxing Sony’s The Last Of Us Survival Edition.  The hyped game from Naughty Dog.  This is the first time unboxing this for this post.

There are 2 LE versions of the game.  There is the Survival Edition which is what I have & the Post Pandemic Edition.  The Post Pandemic Edition is more expensive & comes with a diorama figure of Joel & Ellie.  I will show you the Survival Edition.

But first, the reason why I went for the Survival Edition.

I was on the fence a bit on deciding which edition to get.  Post Pandemic Edition was expensive & the figure was the big factor on it.  As I thought about my limited space, the Post Pandemic Edition was sold out.  But the Survival Edition was still available.  Thinking that having an artbook isn’t a bad thing, I went & preordered that edition.  Besides, that was the only LE left to get anyways.

To the unboxing.

IMG_20130804_172108The Survival Edition comes with books mainly.  It contains The Art of The Last of Us artbook, The Last of Us – American Dreams #1 comic book (variant cover), Sights & Sounds DLC pack, Naughty Dog Sticker Sheet, & a Steelbook edition game case.

If you went for the Post Pandemic Edition, you will get everything here.  But you would get the diorama figure instead of the artbook.

IMG_20130804_173031The artbook is published by Dark Horse.  This is the same full size hardcover artbook that you can buy separately.  A nice book with over 170 pages.

IMG_20130804_173927The comic.  This is also from Dark Horse.  According to the box, this is the variant cover version.  I don’t really know though as I don’t read comics anymore.  This is the 1 of 4 parts to the story which happens before the game’s story.

IMG_20130804_174043The Steelbook case.  The front side has Ellie.

IMG_20130804_174058The back is Joel.

IMG_20130804_174120Inside the Steelbook is the sticker sheet & DLC card code.  The sticker is really shiny.  Not sure if anyone uses these nowadays.  By the way, no instruction booklet cause it’s on the disc as digital manual.

IMG_20130804_174152The inside of the Steelbook case.

That’s pretty much in terms of the content of the Survival Edition.  Pretty basic stuff.  Until next time!

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