Japanese iPhone App Glance: 夜空 僕は友達が少ない アニメ電話<無料版>

IMG_1338Presented by Media Factory.

IMG_1339Some acceptance terms I think.

IMG_1340Okay, we are in business!

We are going to take a glance at another Japanese iPhone app.  It’s 夜空 僕は友達が少ない アニメ電話<無料版> (or in rough English, Yozora Mikazuki anime phone <free edition>).  Keep in mind the word “free” here.

The version I looked at is 1.1.

So, the app throws you into this main screen.  For a free app, there’s really nothing you can do here.  In order to actually use it, you need to unlock the app by buying the full version via in-app.  Costs you 450 yen.  If you don’t, you really can’t use it.  The large icon on top is where you can use the app.  But it’s a purchase icon in the free edition.  But you can access the other stuff for some reason.

The other icons are accessible though.  The left icon is a contact list.  The second to the left is a collection list I think.  The third icon is the settings.  The remaining icons are other apps that Media Factory have that you add to your app library.  The bottom gray icon is unknown to me.  Takes me to a few selections in Japanese, but I don’t know what it does.  You need Wi-Fi connection which is all I know.

IMG_1341Tapping the first icon from the left gives you this screen.  It lists other characters from some series that you can have an anime phone call with.  Basically advertising here for other Media Factory apps.  Funny that it’s called a contact list.

IMG_1342The collection icon is basically a list of conversations you have unlocked with Yozora.

IMG_1343The settings screen.  Basically the anime phone setting on how you want to operate it.

Since I got cock blocked from this app, there isn’t much to show here.  Plus, I didn’t bother shelling out the 450 yen on this as getting Japanese iTunes cards is expensive for me.  But the app is basically an entertainment app.  You just get calls to & from Yozora & she “talks” to you.  That’s it.  So, it’s mainly a voice clip collection.

So if you have a Japanese Apple ID account & want to get cock blocked like me, get the app here from the Japanese iTunes App Store.  If you really want fun with it, pay some yen or else don’t bother with this app.

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