PS3 LE Unboxing: Tomb Raider Collector’s Edition

IMG_20130602_192006For this PS3 LE Unboxing post, we will be looking at Square Enix’s Tomb Raider Collector’s Edition.  This is the first time unboxing it for this post.

A little story about getting this CE.  I think this was the most troublesome LE for me to get.  The issue was my credit card.  I couldn’t preorder the game on due to my credit card expiring before the release of the game.  Waiting for my new card was a waste as the card never came & I had to call to get a new one resent again.  Because of the wait, I wasn’t able to get the game in a safe manner.  Had to search for stock & found a Best Buy in the next city having little stock left.  Drove down there after doing a store pickup order & paid in cash which I don’t like doing for games.

Back to the unboxing.

IMG_20130602_191925The CE comes with 3 iron-on badges, a CD (gasp!) soundtrack, a weapon pack DLC, a 5″ X 7″ lithograph, a 15″ X 19″ double sided island map & poster, & Lara Croft figurine.  All packed in a survival tin box.  If you preordered the game, you will get a preorder bonus.  Depending on the retailer you preordered from, you will get some slightly different items.  But all retailers got the Aviatrix skin & Shanty Town multiplayer map DLCs.

IMG_20130602_192354For Best Buy (which is the one I got), you get a 48 page comic book “The Beginning”.  The comic is published by Dark Horse & in hardcover form.  Nice.

IMG_20130602_192420With the exception of the comic book, everything is packed in this survival kit tin box.  The tin is pretty weak & looks to be easy to bend.

IMG_20130602_192442Got the ship’s name that Lara & the crew were travelling on.

IMG_20130602_192501That pickaxe icon.

IMG_20130602_192518Opening the tin, you will see the game first.  The box art is the same as the regular one.

IMG_20130602_192538Under the game, the CD soundtrack.  It has 10 songs.  Surprisingly, it’s in CD format.

IMG_20130602_192608Under the CD is the DLC card.  Code on the back.

IMG_20130602_192633The large poster.  One side is the art of Lara.  This is the same artwork that is used on the game box cover.  Just a zoomed out body shot of her.

IMG_20130602_192650On the back is a map of Yamatai.

IMG_20130602_192725Next in the tin is the lithograph of Lara.

IMG_20130602_192739Nice quality.  Too bad that it’s a bit small for my taste.

IMG_20130602_192810The next item in the tin is the Lara Croft figurine.  It’s 8″ tall.

IMG_20130602_192837Forgot to remove that thing on the right.  So I wiped it out instead of re-taking this pic.

The Lara figurine is actually the Play Arts figurine from Kotobukiya that you can buy separately in Japan.  It comes with everything that the retail version has.  The only difference is missing packaging.  Big price difference there.  I will review this figurine some time in future (if I actually can) on my main site.

IMG_20130602_192856Last item in the CE is the 3 iron on badges.  I don’t think these are iron on badges as it has stitching.  It may be an iron on since I don’t know.  When I had iron on badges in my time, they were thin & plastic like.  Almost like those temporary tattoos you buy from a toy store.  Those were the days.

That’s it for the unboxing of Tomb Raider Collector’s Edition.  Great package for a good price.  That Lara figurine is a steal in this package.

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