So, What’s Going On With Me?

If you have been following my blog, you may notice the how less I post here now.  There are reasons for it.

One is how busy I am getting these days.  If you follow my main site, you would know that I work in the hospitality industry (hotels to be specific).  Since it’s high season here (the lack of manpower at my company), things get really stressful for me as the pile of work is big.  When I get home, I get tired that I don’t want to do any “work” related things like my blog & site.  Writing things up takes time.  Taking pics, uploading them, thinking how to write up stuff, etc.  I rarely spell check as it takes a lot of time.  Hence, you may see why I got some grammar & spelling errors here & there.

Two.  I’m almost out of materials to write up.  Although I got a bunch of PS3 LEs that I haven’t done here yet, I haven’t bother opening them.  If you seen my previous posts, I had my phat PS3 YLOD on me.  Got an used PS3 slim & just playing 1 game on it with minimal stuff on it.  No DLCs, additional games, video, or apps on it.

I’m still trying to get my old saves from my old HD on my old PS3 somehow, but haven’t taken the time to do it.  It will be a lengthy job if I can manage to get it to work.  I don’t want to redo my games like the RE series & FFXIII (argh!).  Spent way too much time on those games & I still got a back log to work on.  Plus, I was working on Record of Agarest War before my PS3 died.  I was on the start of the 3rd generation & many JRPGs are a pain to play.  I like the story, but the gameplay isn’t something excite to play much.

But I may open some PS3 LE for the heck of it.  They are going to be open anyways.  Just don’t know when I will get to them.  Because of my purchase of another PS3, I held back in getting a new phone which comes to my third reason.

Three.  Playing around & taking screenshots of Japanese iOS apps is very time consuming.  There are so many app out there & it does take a lot of time to get a good idea on them.  Although I make “glances” posts of them, it’s not easy as it sounds.

Four.  My backups/storage is dried out now.  Got nothing in there now.  I was pulling a lot of stuff from there to move this place.

Five.  I got no hauls coming.  Many of my hauls are actually being released in July.  Because of shipping, they will appear in late July or August.  I was going to get some earlier, but there have been delays here & there for some things.

Six.  Being enjoying life.  Life is boring to be glue to some computer screen.  I have been active outside of this monitor & that’s a good thing.  Can’t spend my life on this “connected” world.  Need to disconnect myself from it & see the outside world.

With that said, I will try to get some stuff up here anyways.  Just that it’s going to take time.

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