The Art Of Tipping: Should Bad Service Be Tipped?

Tonight, I went out for dinner with my folks since we couldn’t cook anything in the kitchen due to some home renovations.  Went to a restaurant & placed an order.  I ordered a set meal & got my soup.

After my soup, we waited for our food.  However, we waited too long.  More than half an hour to be precise.  How do I know that?  The restaurant had TVs on & there was a TV show on.  When we sat on our table, the show was about to start.  As we waited. the show ended & another show began.  Not only that, a TV show before it was still playing as well.  No food on the table & we were upset.  Hot, tired, & hungry.  We sat through nearly 2 30 minute shows.  More worse was seeing people around us getting their food & they came much later than us.

We complained to a waitress about the food not being here yet.  She didn’t respond & I felt she just brushed it off when I watched her.  We complained to another waiter who happened to be the one that took our order.  He managed to do something as he told us it would be 2 minutes.  Not in a good manner though.  From there, the food started appearing on our table in a 10 minute time frame.

Finishing our meal, we asked for the bill.  It came & we are disappointed.  Was expecting some sort of discount for the lengthy wait as an apology of some sort.  Instead, it was the full amount.  We paid the bill plus 10% tips & left.

Now, I think in Canada it is mandatory to tip at food establishments.  I think it was 10 or 15%.  Don’t remember & don’t feel like looking it up.  With such bad service & nothing corrected in a nicely manner, I felt we shouldn’t have given the 10% tips.  I would probably give very little or nothing at all if I could.

With a tipping law like this, I feel this is not really fair to the consumers.  If we get treated badly, why should we be tipping for this kind of thing?  It’s like saying “Thank you for abusing me.  Here’s a little something for you.”  Personally, this is a pretty poor law.

If I get good service, I will tip.  If I get decent service or some sort of service, I will still tip.  If I get treated badly, I don’t want to tip.  Restaurants can get away with things like the one I experienced & still receive that extra bonus.  We are rewarding negative behaviour than positive behaviour.

I do know that some countries do not require you to tip, but I feel tipping should be done if good service is presented.  I do know that some people do not tip at all for good service which I think is unfair.  Do you think there should be a law to mandatory tip any kind of service you receive regardless if it’s bad or good?

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