E3 2013 Wrap Up: My Overall Impressions

E3 ended yesterday.  To me, nothing much of interest.  But it did have impressive press conferences.

The whole expo is mainly the next gen consoles really.  It was the opportunity for Microsoft & Sony to show off their hardware & the support they are putting into it.

Another main attraction are the indie or small game developers.  They managed to show off their games this year & I felt the number of these developers is large.  If the floor presence is not enough, their display on the press conferences like Sony’s was more than enough.

Personally, if you are planning to go next gen, this E3 is more than enough for you.  A lot of games shown & there were some big surprises like the return of Killer Instinct & a proper sequel to Kingdom Hearts.  If you are relying on current gen like me, you would have seen nothing unless if you were actually there to try the game demos or watch some cam shot videos of them.

Overall, it’s an impressive show from the press conferences.  I feel Sony won this E3 like last year.  Sony’s 2 for 2 & have been improving from the end of the current gen to the start of next gen.  SONY ALWAYS WINS BABY!!!!

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