E3 2013 Day 3: Wrapping Up

If I remember correctly, E3 is only for 3 days.  Thus, today should be the last day.  Looking at the final day of the expo, it’s the same as yesterday.  Game demos on the floor.  Nothing new was announced to my liking.  A lot of it is indie games which I feel was one of the main attractions for E3 this year.

So, what’s add to my list today?  Nothing new really.  Added Muramasa Rebirth, Final Fantasy X/X2 HD, & Kingdom Heart 1.5 HD ReMix.  Although I have a game list, I won’t be getting most of them on day 1.  Mainly because of no preorder incentives or the bonus will be available later on at low price due to high supplies.

Probably going to do one more E3 2013 post tomorrow.  Mainly to summaries my impressions of E3 2013.

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