An Used & Temp Haul For June 1 (PS3 Silm)

I didn’t do this on the exact date since it was late when I got this & I have been busy lately.  Also, no pic as well.  Nothing interesting about this really.

So, you may know from my previous post about my old PS3 got the yellow light of death.  I was upset about it since my saves are stored there & it was years of work on it.  Since I got a lot of games in my library that I do want to play & the PS4 is not backwards compatible, I wanted to get another PS3.  Question was get a brand new one or an used one.

The search for another PS3 ended up as an used PS3 slim.  I was thinking about the super slim due to the top loaded after getting my Sleeping Dogs disc stuck in my old PS3 (which still is at the time of this post).  I wanted to wait for E3 to see if a price cut will be in effect, but I didn’t want to want too long for reasons that I don’t want to get into.

So I looked up on Craigslist for a PS3 & saw a lot of good price ones that are outside of my home city.  I didn’t want to get into the hassle of drive a long way just to get a cheap PS3 with a bunch of games that I don’t want because I have them or don’t play those games.  My main objective is the console itself.  Also, I was concern about how those used systems are used.  If they were played a lot, I was concern on getting another YLOD.

But I found one in my city where the seller said that he didn’t use the PS3 for over a year & a half.  Went to check it out & it was a long & tiring process.  Had to wait for the guy & testing the console was pain since the TVs he used couldn’t hook up the console for some strange reasons.

Anyways, I did buy it after checking it.  But I saw how dirty it was the next day after I got off work.  It was filled with brown dirt.  It is probably because the guy was a smoker as I saw cigarette boxes in the house.  They were covering the vents.  My fear of buying used as this could lead to another YLOD for me in a short time.  So, I cleaned it up by opening the console.  Could care less about the warranty seal since it’s already past the warranty period & this model is already discounted.

I was a bit surprised on how quiet the slim is & some of the functions to be different.  My old PS3 is the phat model, so I am more used to that hardware than the slim.  I thought the OS is the same for all, but it does have some slight differences.

Anyways, I plan to be more careful on this PS3 by backing up my saves from time to time & to remove the game disc after playing.  Also, I am going to try to find ways to get my saves back somehow.  I have done the heat gun trick to fix the PS3, but now it doesn’t turn on.  Don’t know if I did kill the motherboard or forgot to put something back.  I am going to take my time on it while not installing a lot of things & games on the slim.

I plan to use my old 500GB HD on the slim once I get the saves out.  The slim has a 250GB HD & that isn’t going to be enough for my needs.  I don’t want to get another 500GB or 1TB HD since I don’t want a lot of HD laying around the house.

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