A Journey To A Big Haul: The Beginning/Planning Phrase

If you have followed me on this blog, I did an “The Quest To Be An IDOLM@STER” journey where I was going buying all the PS3 THE IDOLM@STER 2 games with the G4U! volumes.

Now, I’m going to do another journey for a big haul.  This will be the biggest haul I have gotten ever.  Since blogs are pretty much online journals on one’s life, I decided to do another quest/journey thing.  But this will be a mystery to you readers out there.  Why?  Aside from the fact it will be exciting, this haul is actually something that I may not get depending on the outcomes.  But, let’s start from the top.

This all started out somewhat as a joke.  If you actually know me, I live with my folks.  This is because of the housing prices here in Vancouver.  There was a point that Vancouver is the second most expensive place in the world to buy a home.  Not sure if that position is still true.  Anyways, that will be for another post.

Back on track, the “joke” became serious.  I was just throwing the idea out there, but interest for it started to grow.  There were some alternatives/substitutes along the way, but the item in question stayed until the end.

I will stop here.  The next post for this journey will be the process & research in getting this future possible haul.  Later.

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