Japanese iPhone App Glance: シュタインズ・ゲート for iPhone 世界線時計 lite (Steins;Gate World Line)

IMG_1229We are going to look at a Japanese iPhone App that is in lite form.  What lite means is that it’s a sample or demo of an app.  From Frontier Works, this is シュタインズ・ゲート for iPhone 世界線時計 lite (or in rough English Steins;Gate World Line).  As you can probably see, this is based on the anime version of the series.  I will get to watching it someday.

The version glanced here is 1.1.1.

IMG_1230As a lite app, it’s very basic.  There are 2 icons here & it is reversed in my view.  The top icon is the info button where it explains what the app has & does.  The bottom one is where you want to get started.

IMG_1231The main screen.

The icons on the bottom are self explanatory.  The tweet icon goes to Twitter.  The meter icon is what you see in the pic above.  The clock icon will change the meter to a clock with date.  The date appears in the front & the clock is in the 24 hour system.  The setting icon is to adjust the settings.  The official icon goes to the official Steins;Gate website.

IMG_1234When you use the meter, it may change.  At times, it goes off randomly.  Not sure what triggers it.  Once the meter is set to a number, it will give you a pic & there will be some dialogue being played.  I think the dialogues are from the anime show as well as the pics.

IMG_1233If you tap the meter icon, it will sometimes (or most likely for me) do nothing.  It will just show the meter at the same number you had before.  I don’t know what those numbers mean as I never seen the show nor played the game.  Fans of the series will most likely know what they mean.

IMG_1236In the settings mode, you can do very little things.  If you have been paying attention, the app does change view modes.  In the main menu & settings, it’s on portrait.  On the other modes, it’s landscape.

The first part of the setting’s screen is to basically an album or gallery of pics.  To get more pictures, you need to rely on the meter mode.  The middle icon basically sends to the clock mode.  I think it’s the “done” icon for changing something.  The last icon is for the alarm.

You can add a number of alarm settings.

IMG_1237It’s pretty much the same as any album clock app.  From the top, which days you want the alarm for.  Next is repeating the alarm or not.  Then naming the alarm.  Last, it’s what pic do you want to see when the alarm goes off.  The alarm is also on a 24 hour system.

That’s pretty much it for this lite app.  If you want it, you can get it from the Japanese iTunes App store here.  If you want a non-crippled version & buy the full one, click here.

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