Japanese iPhone App Glance: 恋愛リプレイ (Renai Replay)

IMG_1178We are going to look at another Japanese iPhone app.  We are going to look at Bushiroad’s 恋愛リプレイ (or Renai Replay in English).

The version here is 1.06.

Before I start, I am going to say this.  This is a glance at the app as the category states.  The app is very big in terms of content & I’m not going to waste time going over them.  If I do, it’s going to be a review & a very big one at that.  So, I’m not going to cover everything here.

When you start the app, it gives you a warning screen.  I think it’s basically letting you know about the use of a data connection.  The app does require a data connection & it’s constant.

IMG_1179Afterwards, you will need to load the app & it ranges from 1 to 5 minutes.  During this time, it will open your web browser as it needs to open something call an appdriver.  The screen on the browser is blank & you can close it if you want.  I don’t know what the purpose of it is.

IMG_1183Renai Replay is a visual novel mixed with a communication app.  But it’s mainly a visual novel galge type of app.

When you open it for the first time, you will get a story right away.

IMG_1184IMG_1185As you can see, there are paths/flags for this app.

Before I go further, I should explain the lower bar.  Skip to fast forward the text.  Window Off is to remove the bar & see the full screen.  Menu is to go to the main menu or base.  It’s grayed out here because we are starting the app for the first time.

IMG_1186IMG_1187IMG_1188More story.  There are 3 girls introduced to us.

IMG_1190During the story, you will be asked to input your name.  Also, you can input a girl’s name. Not sure what it is, but I assume it’s the mysterious girl you met at the start of your dream.


Next, we see an opening movie.  This movie will appear before the main screen after opening the app for the first time.

IMG_1195Later, we are asked which girl you want to choose.  This doesn’t matter much as you can still interact with the other girls.  I don’t know their names even though it’s in my face in Japanese.

IMG_1196I chose the first girl.

IMG_1197Flag point.

IMG_1201Loading screen.  Do note that you will see this a lot as the app does a lot of loading when you navigate around it.

IMG_1204The main communication screen.

The app uses the Live2D engine.  So you can shake & tilt your iDevice to move the screen around.  You can pinch & stretch to do some zooming in & out.  Moving your finger on the screen will have the girl follow it around with her eyes.  The girl will respond to your taps when you touch her.  The girls are voiced.

Now to explain the screen.

The top long bar is your status & info.  It will rotate to show you your stats which I’m not too sure what they are exactly.  The top right icon will pull the following screen below.

IMG_1212The first one on top is your ID info.  Next is the settings.  Below it is some sort of ID log in.  The last one is a help menu.

IMG_1208Going back to the main communication screen, the story icon will open a story scenario.

IMG_1213Like this.

IMG_1214IMG_1215Doing these will improve your stats.  They also open new scenarios.

IMG_1216What I gain from that scenario.

IMG_1209Going back to the communication screen again, we will look at the bottom part of the screen.

The left & right arrows allows you to change between the girls.  The bottom bar is hefty to explain.  From the left, the first one is the communication mode which is what we are seeing now.

The second one is I think your inventory.  You can build some of your stats there & make in-app purchases for hearts.  I think the hearts are used as points to build your stats.

The third bottom icon is your collection or memories with the girls.  Each girl has their own section.

The next icon is the leaderboards & rankings.  The last one is news about events & news for the app.

IMG_1221The inventory screen.

IMG_1223The event listing screen.

Let’s see what I got from that scenario earlier.

IMG_1217Oh, I unlocked another girl.

IMG_1218IMG_1220She comes with her own story.  She will appear in the communication mode.  There are a total of 5 girls from what I know.  I don’t know who the 5th girl is as I rarely touch this app.

That’s a quick glance at 恋愛リプレイ.  There is a lot of things that I didn’t touch on here & I don’t want to.  Way too much stuff here.  I find that you will get a lot of use out of it if you understand Japanese & take part in those events.

If you want to try this free app, head over to the Japanese iTune App Store to get it or click here.

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