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Differences Between PS3 Project DIVA F Limited Edition Controller To Mini Controller

Well, I played around with the large or limited edition controller of Project DIVA F for the PS3 to get a good idea about the differences between this to the mini controller.  However, I never played with the mini controller … Continue reading

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A Bath Time Haul On April 23, 2013 (Mugen Souls LE)

In the mail today, I got this PS3 game Mugen Souls.  This is the LE version that is available from NIS America’s website supposedly.  I got this from eBay at a reasonable price. Inside the LE box is a 36 … Continue reading

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The Quest To Be An IDOLM@STER Failed? English Version of PSP Game THE IDOLM@STER Shiny Festa Coming To iOS Only

Well, this is interesting.  Namco Bandai will be bring THE IDOLM@STER Shiny Festa PSP games to North America.  However, they will not be for the PSP.  Instead, they will be on the iOS.  In other words, for the iPhone & … Continue reading

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Japanese iPhone App Glance: besideClock

We are going to look at a simple clock app in this posting for Japanese iPhone App Glance.  It’s matsumate’s besideClock.  Yes, it’s a funny name I know. This is version 1.03. Like I said, a very simple app. The … Continue reading

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My Review On The Project DIVA F LE Controller

Although I haven’t played Project Diva F yet, I managed to play around with this Project DIVA F LE controller (will just call it controller from now on) with other Project Diva games.  They are Project Diva Dreamy Theater, Project … Continue reading

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Black Rock Shooter The Game NOT Coming To Canada?!?!?!?

🎵Black Rock Shoota!  Why won’t you come to Canada?!?!?🎵 We all pretty much know that NIS America was going to bring this game outside of Asia when it was first announced there.  Many of us waited for for NIS America … Continue reading

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Canada Vs. Sony PSN/SEN

So, I open my email today & I see that Sony is getting sued for that 2011 hacking invasion that shutdown PSN/SEN for a long time.  Funny enough, it’s Canada that’s doing the suing, not the US (Sorry, my American … Continue reading

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