PS3 LE Unboxing: Project DIVA F Limited Edition Controller

This will be the first unboxing of a PS3 LE product that doesn’t come with a game packaged.  It will be hardware based.

20130327-153312.jpgWe will be unboxing HORI’s Project DIVA F Limited Edition Controller (or just simply controller).  Although it says Project DIVA F on it, you can use the controller for any Project Diva game or any game that doesn’t require a lot of functions.

The traditional storyline section.  I originally had no intentions in getting this controller.  Although it looks cool, the price isn’t.  I did feel that a controller like this would give a different gaming experience for the Project Diva games & maybe a boost of confidence & fun.

With the mini controller on the market, I was thinking about getting that one & asked my parents to check out the price for it in Hong Kong as they were there for vacation.  My dad stumbled upon the existence of the LE controller from some shop somehow & I didn’t tell him about it.  Learning about it, he somewhat decides to go for that instead.  I warned him about the size & weight, but he was still okay with it.  So in the end, I got it which cost more than the suggested retail price due to the low supply of it in the market.

Back to the unboxing.

When I looked that the box, I thought I was going to do a re-unboxing on it.   My dad told me that they opened it at the shop.  Apparently, it was slightly opened just to see what was inside & if all the contents were there.  So, this is really an unboxing post.

IMG_20130327_190651As you can see, this is an official PS3 licensed product.  It looks like a simple sticker compared to the North American one, but that’s what it looks like in Asia.

What’s also interesting is the model number of this controller.  It’s HP3-939.  If you don’t know, it’s “miku miku”.  Neat.

IMG_20130327_190714When you open the first flap, you see a shadow of Miku Hatsune & the Project Diva F logo.  Also, you get some Japanese text which probably talks about the HORI online store.  This is pretty much what you get in terms of artwork on the box.

IMG_20130327_190744Inside, we see the controller & some inserts.  We’ll look at the controller later.

IMG_20130327_190806The small inserts are a cleaning cloth & instruction booklet.  The cleaning cloth design is the same as the inner flap of the box.  The instruction is in Japanese & quite easy to understand as it has a lot of images.

IMG_20130327_190853Pulling the controller out, there is more stuff below.

IMG_20130327_190952In that small narrow box, you get a small POP stand & 4 black circle things.  The black circles are actually covers.  I will explain the purpose of them later.

The POP stand is for your controller.  It’s basically just decoration for the controller to look nice.  The image in the stand is a piece of paper which I later discover that is longer than the placement of the holders on the stand.  In other words, the image bumps out a bit as the holders are a bit too close together.

IMG_20130327_191220The controller isn’t as big as I thought.  I overestimated the 70cm length.  But, the 7kg part is heavy as I thought.  Not too much though.

The controller does have metal parts.  I thought only the bottom was metal with the plain metal plate.  However, that black border is actually metal.  It feels like metal, but doesn’t have the coldness of metal.  Took me some time to figure out if it was metal or not.  I originally thought that the white edges would be metal, but I was disappointed to see it as plastic.

The design on the controller has that futuristic theme that the Project Diva series is known to have for its background.  Although it doesn’t have any Miku images on it, it has the Project Diva F feel to it a bit.

IMG_20130327_191314Put the POP stand on it & we got a controller made for Project Diva F.

Plug the controller into the PS3 & the large buttons will light up.

IMG_20130327_191437Thought you would see the buttons light up well in the dark for this pic, but it wasn’t the case.

IMG_20130327_191452Much better.

But what about those black circle things?

Those circle things are actually covers.  You can basically use it to prevent the buttons to light up.  You twist the button out & place the black cover inside.  Twist the button back & no light will surface to the button.  But it’s funny that HORI gives you only 4 when you have 8 buttons.

Well, that’s the controller in a nutshell.  I will also write a review for this controller in a future post.

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