March 27, 2013’s Haul Cost More Than My PS3! (Project DIVA F PS3 Limited Controller)

20130318-164152.jpgYeah, yeah.  I know.  You are probably sick of me saying about how I can’t get over the fact on how big this is.  Well, it’s slowly fading away a bit.  My attention is on this one now.

20130327-153312.jpgCan’t really see it?  Well, this is the HORI Project DIVA F controller for the PS3.  This is the limited edition one.  The full size one.  I got this from Hong Kong when my parents were there.  I originally wanted the mini controller which is easier to get, but my dad heard about this one & decided to jump on it as it was hard to find.  Didn’t want him to carry it around HK since it’s 7kg & big.  Walking about the streets with it would have been troublesome.  But he was cool with it & was persistent in getting it if he managed to find it.  Well, it’s here now.

Aside from the fact that this box is beaten with security & airport/airline stickers & being cut up badly, it has been opened at the store it was purchased from.  I guess to confirm the item & to check if everything was there.  I originally thought about doing an unboxing on it since it’s a PS3 item & it ‘s in LE form.  Although some of my unboxing posts are re-boxings, I’m deciding whether to do it or not since it’s really just a controller & nothing else inside.

Anyways, that should be all the haul for this month.  I may get one more if things go smoothly with customs.  The item is on this side of the world today, so it’s up to the customs office to determine when I should get it.

But next month should have a rush of items coming on the first half of April.

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