A Quick Update Glance On The Possible Project DIVA F PS3 Western Release

20130320-190748.jpgIn my previous post, I talked about Sega’s attempt to bring the PS3 game Project Diva F to the west.  They want to see if they were enough likes & shares on their Facebook page to bring it over.  If you haven’t done so, here’s the link.

I took some time to look at some of the comments for this & noticed some interesting things.  I would like to take the time to talk about those things.

One thing I noticed is people wanting the Project Diva f PS Vita version.  As one of those people wanting it to come here too, I don’t see Sega doing this.  The chances of the PS Vita version selling well is slim.  This is because of the sales of the PS Vita here at least.  Sales are still poor & the Vita sales aren’t like Japan’s where it’s finally picking up steam.

To say that Project Diva f will be a PS Vita seller won’t be a good reason.  There have been several games already released here that were considered as system sellers for the PS Vita, but they didn’t deliver.  Releasing it on the PS3 makes more sense as there are more PS3 owners than Vitas.  I don’t have the numbers, but most people know there are more PS3 owners than Vitas anyways.  Sega is a company built on profit.  Therefore, it makes more sense to go to the PS3 route.

Releasing it on the Vita is costly as it’s not a “complete” version like the PS3.  A DLC is require to update it & it’s quite costly based on the price on the Japanese Playstation Store.  I don’t see Sega wasting time just to patch everything for the Vita version.

The second thing I see is people asking for a XBox360 version.  I don’t know if people know that Project DIVA was built for the PS family (PSP, PSV, & PS3).  Yes, I am ignoring the fact that the series did appear in arcades (The 3DS game is not Project DIVA, it’s Project Mirai).  The series was built with the PS in mind.  There may be a possibility that Sony has a share in this & may own something from the series.

Plus, converting from PS3 to XBox360 could be a difficult thing.  Going from XBox360 to PS3 is easy for developers as it is Windows based if I remember correctly.  Going the other way is a bit of a mess.

Besides, Miku has appear more on Sony stuff than Microsoft (with is null from what I seen).  You won’t believe how much stuff Sony has made with Miku on it.  It’s almost like Miku is not only close to being a mascot for Sega, but possibly for Sony too.

Third, people won’t like or share the pic unless the game gets released.  To me, it’s like you aren’t reading the whole story.  Sega wants likes & shares.  Those are easy to track than comments.  I can’t imagine Sega sitting there & read every single comment.  They would rather take the number of like & shares as their research data.  They should be liking & sharing now.

Fourth, people asking to translate the game to English.  Bad idea.  Translating text is okay, but do not translate the gameplay & songs.  Project Diva & the Vocaloids are known for their Japanese songs.  Translating them to English or replacing them with English songs won’t make them Vocaloids.  Heck, it will ruin who Miku is.  It will ruin the purpose of asking fans if they want the game over here.  Sega knows this with their Miku Flick app games & the Nokia Theater concert.  People shouldn’t be feeding Sega this idea for English translations.

That’s pretty much what I want to say about this campaign’s progress.  From my previous post to now,  I haven’t seen a lot of movement in terms of likes & shares.  I still believe Sega will bring it over regardless of the number of like & shares at this point.  With roughly 25,000 units to be sold as my estimate guess at a $60 price point, that is $1.5 million in sales.  This isn’t a very big number really for profit.  I still think at this point Sega would be disappointed with it if the numbers stand as it is.  Again, this is just my personal guess on this even though I want the game to to succeed.

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4 Responses to A Quick Update Glance On The Possible Project DIVA F PS3 Western Release

  1. River says:

    I like most of your points except one: I don’t believe that doing English songs instead of Japanese songs will ruin who Miku is.

    Reason? Miku is a Vocaloid, a voice synthesizer. Making her sing in English doesn’t change that, especially with an English voicebank in the works. Vocaloids are still Vocaloids even if they sing in English.

    Now, I don’t think that Sega should replace the songs with English songs. It would make Project Diva F into a different game entirely. I wouldn’t object to an Vocaloid rhythm game in English in the future, though.

    • ck says:

      Can’t argue with that. It is possible to make Miku sing English, but her current database for it isn’t too good. I don’t think anyone has managed to have Miku sing English instead of Engrish. If you heard the English version of Tell Your World, you may prefer the Japanese version instead. I guess it all boils down to how to make Miku sing. But, I like the fact that you pointed out the Vocaloid point. Not many people know what that is & it kind of disappoints me.

      If Sega decides to make English Vocaloid songs, I won’t object either as long as the songs are good. But I prefer that Sega doesn’t mess around with the track list on Project Diva F. People are “liking & sharing” the game as it is now.

  2. Zascho says:

    Too bad the song selection in PDf/F is the worst from all Diva games I know so far (the PSP ones). Maybe 5 songs that are fun to listen to, and Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya! as vocal-less version? WTF is that even. Appearently it was too difficult to re-use some of the good songs of the previous titles…
    If this were my first Miku game, I definitly wouldn’t buy another one.

    • ck says:

      I kind of agree with you on that. I started out with the first Project Diva PSP game & that got me into the Vocaloid thing. When the second game came out, I wasn’t too fond on the track list as I got too used to the songs in the first game. Took me some time to like some of the songs.

      For F/f, I only heard a bit of it. Some I like & some I don’t. Because of the large number of songwriters, a lot of the Vocaloid songs for me are a hit or miss. But I do see where you are coming from.

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