March 18, 2013’s Haul Arrived & …. WTH?!? (Amagami EBKore+ LE)

Well, I was wondering when this item was coming.  I was waiting over a month for it.  Turns out that it got shipped on the 12 of this month via EMS from Japan.  Wow….

But what wowed me was the size of this thing!

20130318-164152.jpgThe shipping box that it came in was big.  I thought that big box was just used to protect the item with a lot of space.  I was wrong!  This thing is huge!

This is enterbrain’s PSP game Amagami.  I was surprised on the size of this thing.  It’s like the size of those display boxes you see at video game stores.  But the back will tell you it’s not.


I was waiting for this thing from Play Import when I brought it on eBay.  Good service is hard to find these days.  I should write a blog about it some day.  Anyways, back on topic.

The LE names this as EBKore+.  It has a 300 piece puzzle, a puzzle frame, an artbook, & clear posters which I assume are for the bathroom.  The puzzle frame is the reason for the large box.  Man, where am I going to put this?   I really didn’t think it would be this big.

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