Samsung Galaxy S4 Announcement During Unpacked (My First Impressions)

Well, it was no surprise that Samsung revealled the Galaxy S4 today.  It seems that a lot of announced things are having very little impact as rumours about said products are coming true.  Even the specs about the S4 are close to true with the rumours.

Looking at Android Central’s report on the S4’s specs, it’s kind of like a mixture of the S3 & Note 2.  The things that got me interested are the 2GB of RAM, 5-inch display, 13MP back & 2MP front cameras, & 1.6GHz octa-core processor.  That octa-core is probably only in Asia like how the S3 was .  Us North America got the dual-core version of the S3, while the Asian side got the quad-core version.  If this is the same trend again, us Americans will get the 1.9GHz quad-core version.

For the software side, what impressed me was the camera features.  The drama shot & dual video call features drew me in.  The glove friendly touch sensitivity is awesome as I like to wear gloves.  Aside from my hands being cold most of the times, I don’t like to show too much skin for some reason.  The S Health is nice as I missed those kind of features when I had my Sony Ericsson W580i.

Some bad parts about this phone in my view is the S Translator.  If I heard it correctly, the phone has 9 to 10 languages built in & has a dictionary as well.  So no online connection needed.  Although it’s great for my case where I don’t have a data plan, I could imagine how much storage memory those dictionaries would take.  Even with expandable memory, I still think that dictionary would take a lot of space.

The design is another throw off to me.  It’s based on the S3 design which I don’t like.  I don’t like the curvy shape which makes it look like a toy.  The Note 2 has this design as well, but for some reason it looks fine.  The 5-inch size may make that shape look good probably.  Don’t know until I see the actual phone.  Plus, it’s still plastic.  Durable, but not great when you want to make your phone high end.  Other companies are using more expensive materials, not sure why Samsung is still doing this approach.

The Touchwiz software isn’t for S4 only.  There are reports that the software will be available for the S3 & probably the Note 2 as well in the future.  It’s good that the S4 would be compatible with the other Galaxy phones so you won’t be left in the crowd.  But it loses a bit of what makes the S4 special.

These are my quick first impressions on the S4.  I may pass on this, but I don’t know yet.  I did have my eyes on it & passed on the iPhone 5.  Although I know that the S4 is better than my current phone (iPhone 4), I currently can’t see much of a jump for the S4 at the moment.  If the price is good & if I can manage to get the octa-core version, I may go for it.  I’m pretty much do for an phone upgrade since I got my current phone for 2 to 3 years now.

Any of you people getting the S4?

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