A Haul That Gave Me More Trouble Than It Should On March 6, 2013! (Tomb Raider Collector’s Edition)

My God, this has been a pain in the ass to get!  So, I order this from Best Buy for pick up as it started to get a bit harder to get.

20130306-162154.jpgThis is Square Enix’s Tomb Raider by Crystal Dynamics.  This is the Collector’s Edition for the PS3.  This version here is the Best Buy exclusive.  Not sure if this Canadian exclusive is the same as the US one.

A long & painful story about getting this.

I actually wanted to preorder this a long time ago.  Pretty much when the CE was announced.  However, I didn’t.  Reason for it is my credit card.  My credit card had an expiry date of February 2013.  Tomb Raider is a March release.  So, I couldn’t use my credit card to hold the game.  No choice but to wait for my new card.  I only have 1 credit card as I feel 1 is enough.  Carrying another 1 would be a bit of a financial mess for me.

Waiting for my new card was pointless as the card never got here.  Phoned my credit card company to see if they actually sent the card with less that 5 days before my card expired.  Was told two dates that my new card got sent out.  One in mid January & the other just before Christmas.  Either way, the card was suppose to be in my hands before the end of February.  Had to get another one sent.  Luckily enough, that card didn’t seem to be in anyone’s hands as no mysterious charges appeared.

Because that 3 cards would be in existence, the first card sent & the old one in my hands would be cancelled since you can’t have more than 2 cards out there.  If I was to receive the first replacement card, I am to ignore it as it is no good.  As of now, that card hasn’t arrive.

I wanted to get the Amazon.ca exclusive of Tomb Raider as the preorder bonus had an artbook.  It also has a GT special episode for the Kindle but I don’t have a Kindle.  I decided to get the Best Buy as I saw that Amazon.ca was sold out.  Thinking that they won’t get anymore, I went to Best Buy to get the CE as it was the only place left that I can get it.  Plus, I had a $20 Rewards Zone certificate that I didn’t know what to use it on. Had to drive down the next city just to get it.

After being lucky to get the game for pickup from ordering from the Best Buy app, I discovered that Amazon.ca had some more CE back in stock.  I think 2 left at that time.  As much as I want to get that version, I don’t think I can.  But the time that I get my credit card, it’s probably out of stock again & the chance to get those bonus items would be zero.  It’s a preorder bonus & I don’t think they will be available after the first run.  So, I may as well deal with the Best Buy exclusive.

Enough of my sad story, let’s get to the details.

The CE itself has 3 iron-on badges, a weapon pack DLC, a CD soundtrack, an 8″ Lara Croft figurine, a 15″ X 19″ double-sided island map & poster, & a 5″ X 7″ lithograph.  All packed in a survival tin.  The figurine is the selling point for me.  I think this is the Play Arts version that is supposed to be released in Japan next month.  They look the same.  The difference is probably the lack of the packaging box & maybe some missing accessories.  That figure is probably most expensive thing in this CE.

As a Best Buy exclusive, it comes with a Aviatrix skin, the Shanty Town multiplayer map, & a 48 page “The Beginning” comic book.  I think all store exclusives have the map.  Best Buy is different from the rest with the comic book.

Ah.  I think I feel a little bit better now with all this vented anger typing.  But my tin has a dent!  Not sure how it happened.  ARGH!

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