PS3 LE Unboxing: Gekijoban Macross F Sayonara no Tsubasa Hybrid Pack Special Edition (Re-unboxing)

IMG_20121119_164913We are going to unbox another Macross F Hybrid pack.  We unboxed Gekijoban Macross F Itsuwari no Utahime Hybrid Pack last time which is the first half of the Macross F movie.  This one is the second & final half.  From Namco Bandai, this is Gekijoban Macross F Sayonara no Tsubasa Hybrid Pack Special Edition.

This is a re-unboxing as I have unboxed it before.

IMG_20121119_163338This special edition is packed with junk.  It has rough drawings, promo ad inserts, script books for the two movies, & the PS3 game Macross Last Frontier on the BD.

Notice how the region is listed as “All”.  I don’t know if this is true cause the region for Canada & Japan for BD is the same.  If this is true, then everyone can watch Macross on any Blu-Ray player.

IMG_20121119_163429Some views of the sleeve box without the packaging slip.

IMG_20121119_163452IMG_20121119_163531IMG_20121119_163659If you look on the left, you will see a white cardboard insert.  That space is for the Gekijoban Macross F Itsuwari no Utahime BD.  Surprisingly, you can actually put the whole hybrid pack of the first movie without problems.  You will see this later on.

IMG_20121119_163741The left side is a package of all (I think) of the promotional materials for the two Macross F movies.  The right side is the rough sketches.  It’s like how the studio would make the animation storyline.

IMG_20121119_163916A small sample of the bunch of promo leaflets for the Macross F movie merchandise.

IMG_20121119_164435Two booklets for the two movies.  Contains ads & some info on the movie & Macross F series.

IMG_20121119_164457A sample of what’s inside the booklet.  Ads for products & cosplay stuff.  OH, GET SOME SEXY GIRL TO NURSE ME PLEASE!

IMG_20121119_164206Some rough sketches of the three main characters.  There are a lot of these in the SE.

IMG_20121119_164522The script book for both movies.  I think this is the same kind of book that the seiyuus use to read their lines.

IMG_20121119_164551This is the sleeve jacket for the BD hybrid.  You get this same one if you get the normal edition.

IMG_20121119_164607The back side of the sleeve jacket.

IMG_20121119_164629The hybrid disc with the artbook which is labelled as a cinema archive.

IMG_20121119_164739Together with the BD of Gekijoban Macross F Itsuwari no Utahime, this is the complete package.  I really like how Namco Bandai designed the box right for this.  No leftover mess.

That’s pretty much it for this unboxing.  Stay tuned for more PS3 LE unboxings in the future.

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