Yes Virgina, There Is A Playstation 4! (My Impressions On The PS4)

So, Sony did announce the Ps4 today as many people expected.  I was late in the game as Sony actually started on time for the event.  I did miss a bunch of stuff, but managed to see the games & the announcements for them.  The whole presentation is solely the PS4 which is kind of interesting.  Here’s my impression on the event.

First, the hardware.  The system itself wasn’t shown.  I was actually expecting that.  But the specs of the system is a developer’s dream from what was presented.  Many of the developers are happy as Sony met with them to design the console from the group up to their liking.

But Sony did show the new controller called Dual Shock 4.  The Dual Shock 4 does have a touchpad on the front as the rumours stated.  The bottom part of the controller also has the rumour headphone jack which is used for communication as well plus a built-in speaker.  The start & select buttons are removed & a share button has been added.  Plus the shape of the controller & the analog sticks looks good to hold.  A light bar is add to identify the player which will also be used with a second piece of hardware, the new PS Eye, that has two cameras from what I’ve seen. I think the controller has a lot of interesting things to it, but the light bar & touchpad is questionable to me.

But what surprised me if what I heard was true is that the PS4 is designed by Americans & not Japaneses. Interesting.

On the console software side, you can stream your gameplay as well as take screenshots & do video recording.  If it works the same way as those HD DVR game capture units, this is a major thing for many gamers that like to show off their gameplay.

Plus with the power of cloud gaming, you can use the PS4 as a server to stream your games & content on your PS3, PSV, & tablets.  The PSV & tablet one is a major plus in my books if it can be pulled off correctly.

A major downfall for some people is the system’s lack of backward compatibility to play PS3 games.  Kind of sucks for me, but I can see why.  Basically to force people to buy PS4 games instead of PS3 games.  A business strategy move.  Also, the cloud system will be a money maker here.

For the games, Sony did give a taste of games from their first party developers.  I was surprised on how many third party companies at the event are western ones where there were only two Japanese ones.  However, I didn’t find games to get excited for for me.  But I’m sure there are some that got some people hyped.  There were some surprises like Blizzard Entertainment bring Diablo 3 for the PS4.

But what I didn’t like about the games is how there are PS3 versions of them.  From a business point of view, that is not a smart move.  If you the gamer have a PS3 & want to wait out on the PS4 due to price drop or something, you will go for the PS3 version of the game.

So, how did I feel overall about the PS4?  I think it’s a great machine.  The console seems more heavily on the gaming side than media.  The event is more gamer focus & showed how happy the developers are with the ease of game programming which is a really big plus for gamers.  The PS4 has tons of potential that can make any gamer happy.  It’s really a gaming machine.

However, I probably won’t buy it on day one when it is released on the 2013 holiday season.  Reason is the games.  Some third parties have stated that some of the PS4 games will be coming on the PS3 as well.  In fact, it’s the upcoming PS3 games being available for the PS4 actually.  Also, the games shown aren’t much of interest for me at this point.  I may have to see E3 or Tokyo Game Show to see what other games that the PS4 will offer since I can see why Sony won’t expose a lot of things right now.

Overall, it’s a solid event for the PS4.  Will I get the PS4?  Probably yes.  I may get it when the games I like roll in which is probably the time where the system is in its second year or so.

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