Why Do You Blog?

Face it.  Social media is everywhere.  It’s pretty much a part of our daily everyday life.  It’s almost a “want” turning into a “need”.  One social media that is pretty popular is blogging.  When you boil it down, it’s basically a journal or diary of your life as the name suggests for everyone to see.  With the tools that are easy for everyone to use (even non-tech savvy people), anyone can make a blog now.  But why do we blog?  Let me rephrase that question: why do YOU blog?

There are many reasons why people blog.  One is to share our interest with others.  Another is to get something off our chest.  Then you have some that want fame or attention in being the next big thing.  Also, you have some that want to spread rumours or hate.  Let’s not forget that some do it for business purposes like advertising a company.  And you have that ones that feel the need to help others like a helpline or support center.  There are many reasons out there & it’s almost endless.

To be fair, here’s my reason.  I never thought about blogging.  I wanted to stick with my main site.  The reason behind that site was to learn how to make web pages at the time.  I can’t remember the reason for it.  I think it had something to do with going into the IT world at the time.  Plus, I was doing a web business which I closed a long time ago.

In order to make web pages, I needed to put something on it that I could feel comfortable writing about & somewhat enjoy.  So, I decided to make reviews on anime & PSP games with some news on each category on the side.  I also had a “thoughts” section which I decided to move here due to the topic being out of line on my main site’s theme.  That’s when blogging came to light for me.  Blogs are more like journal entries or ideas spread out to me whereas web sites are more about information & articles.  They can be quick & simple with a personal touch unlike websites where they are lengthy & more professional.

So I will ask this question again: why do you blog?

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