What Was The Most Viewed Stuff For 2012 On My Blog?

As mentioned a long time ago, I take time to look at some quick stats here.  But days ago,  WordPress sent me an email giving me a stat report on 2012.  Saves me time figuring things out.  So, what’s the most viewed stuff here?

Resident Evil 6 was the hot topic for 2012 for me.  The most viewed area was the demo having offline co-op or not.  I was expecting people looking at the post regarding the public demo as the hot area was around that demo’s release day.  Apparently, people went for the early access one instead.

But this pic still takes the cake.catherine_katherineThis Katerine pic still wins all.  I’m really surprised on this.  Even though I had a feeling that people prefer Katherine over Catherine last year, I still thought Catherine would be more popular due to sex appeal. Apparently, I don’t learn.

Also, Catherine was the second highest view topic for 2012 here.  Japanese iPhone App Glance stuff was third with Dream C Club Pure Clock Amane leading the way.  Also, the pic of the title screen of that app was second for most viewed pic here.

Overall, Resident Evil 6 & Catherine were my top view topics on my blog.  What will be the champ for 2013?  We will have to wait until next year to see.

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