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Japanese iPhone App Glance: タクティクスオウガ 運命の輪 スペシャルプロモーションアプリ (Tactics Orge: Unmei no Wa PV)

We are going to look at a Japan only iPhone app from Square Enix.  It’s タクティクスオウガ 運命の輪 スペシャルプロモーションアプリ.  Or in rough English, Tactics Ogre: Unmei no Wa PV.  This app was used to promote the PSP game Tactics Ogre: Unmei no Wa.  … Continue reading

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Why Do You Blog?

Face it.  Social media is everywhere.  It’s pretty much a part of our daily everyday life.  It’s almost a “want” turning into a “need”.  One social media that is pretty popular is blogging.  When you boil it down, it’s basically … Continue reading

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Japanese iPhone App Glance: ミリオンパラダイス (Million Paradise)

It’s time to try our luck with today’s Japanese iPhone App Glance.  We will be looking at Konami’s gambling game ミリオンパラダイス (or Million Paradise).  But we wouldn’t looking at all or most of its features which I will explain later. … Continue reading

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PS3 LE Unboxing: To Heart 2 DX Plus Limited Edition (Re-unboxing)

We are going to look at another Japanese PS3 LE game from AQUAPLUS.  This is To Heart 2 DX. I decided to get this LE after my failing experience to get To Heart 2 Dungeon Travelers LE for the PSP.  … Continue reading

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Japanese iPhone App Glance: Character Music Player Guilty Crown Version

Next up, Production I.G.’s Character Music Player Guilty Crown Version.  This app is from Production I.G.’s Character Music Player series that features different anime series. This is version 1.04. The interface is quite simple & understandable.  The bottom part is … Continue reading

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White Playstation 3 Slim 500BG Coming To Canada On January 27, 2013

Apparently, Canada is going to have available a PS3 that isn’t going to be black.  Announced today, Sony Computer Entertainment will release a White Playstation 3 Slim on January 27, 2012 which isn’t too far from now.  Listing for the … Continue reading

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Update On Catherine Posts Here (January 14, 2013)

Many moons (& I mean MANY) back, I talked about how I would put up differences between LE versions of Catherine from North America & Japan.  If you have been following me on it, I never done it yet.  Although … Continue reading

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