Mercedes Benz Going To The Otakus!

If you remember from last year, Toyota had Miku Hatsune to do some commericals for their Corollas.  I’m not sure if it was successful or not here in terms of boosting sales.  But I’m sure it was highly watched.

Now Mercedes Benz wants in the otaku world.  There are a lot of otakus in Japan, so what better way to promote their NEXT A-Class cars to the Japanese market by using anime.  Yes, anime.

When I first saw it from a friend who told me about it, I thought it was a commercial for the car.  When I watched it, I then thought it was a clip from an anime show cause it didn’t make too much sense at the start.  The only thing Mercedes in it was the car & symbol.  It was only it reached to the end that it described itself as a commercial.

Never seen the video?  Well, here you go & it has English subtitles for you people with little knowledge on the Japanese language.


Think this will sell some Benzs in the land of the rising sun?

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