Japanese iPhone App Glance: ゆるゆりシェイクユー (Yuri Yuri Shake)

From PONY CANYON,  this is ゆるゆりシェイクユー or in rough English translation Yuri Yuri Shake.  This is based on the TV anime show Yuri Yuri which I don’t know much about.

The version here is 1.1.0.

This is a simple app really.  Basically you bounce a character ball across the screen.  You start out with Akari Akaza as your first character.  You simply shake your iDevice around & Akari will go flying around the screen.  When she bumps into the walls hard, she will say something which is mainly something to do with pain.  Also, she will change her facial expression.

Instead of shaking your iDevice, you can also place your finger on Akari & move her around.  You can flick her around as well.

Tapping on the background will bring up the menu.  The first icon on the left is where you can select which girls you want.  The other girls must be purchase in-app for 85 yen each.  You can have all four girls on the screen at once & have a female battle royale.  You can select which girls you want on the screen as well.  I didn’t purchase any of the girls & I will explain why later.

The next icon is to change the background.  There are three in total, but the other two are locked out as mysteries.  I don’t know how to unlock them.  I assume it has to do with purchasing the other girls.

The last two icons are information.  The first one is credits for the TV show Yuri Yuri with a link to the official website.  The last one is info for PONY CANYON with social media & official website links.

As for why I didn’t purchase the other girls, there is a reason.  The app is a bit annoying to me.  Hearing Akari talk every time she hits the wall hard got old very fast for me.  It is cute at the start, but can really get to you.  Getting the other girls on the screen would be a mess.

If you are fan of Yuri Yuri or looking something to kill some time in a cute manner, head over to the Japanese iTunes App Store.  You can get this free app here.

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