A Haul That Isn’t Solid As I Thought It Would Be (Persona 4 GOLDEN SOLID GOLD PREMIUM EDITION)

Seriously, the thing didn’t live up to its name.

Delivered this early morning, I got from Gamestop Canada my PS Vita game Persona 4 GOLDEN SOLID GOLD PREMIUM EDITION by Atlus.  Why I said it’s not solid is because it has a small dent in the bottom cover on the back & the left side of the box is squeezed in.  But I’m just being a C-10 jerk.

This premium edition covers with a sticker set, protective skin with an URL to get 8 bonus wallpapers to match it. a face cover & hard pouch.  The accessories are the same ones from Japan which you buy separate as an accessory set.  I think it’s from Hori if I remember correctly.  Also, I think this edition was limited to 10,000.  Can’t remember the number.

When I came back from shopping & finishing up this blog post, I got another email from Gamestop Canada about a shipping notice.  I think it’s the protective skin again.  If that’s the case, I will 2 sets of it.  It’s a preorder bonus & I did preorder this PE.  Gonna see if it’s really the case.

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3 Responses to A Haul That Isn’t Solid As I Thought It Would Be (Persona 4 GOLDEN SOLID GOLD PREMIUM EDITION)

  1. AeonixG says:

    Hi, Mind If I ask, Is there a protective skin inside the box? cause i too receive mine but the protective skin is outside the box instead of inside. i haven’t open mine yet so i was just wondering.

    • ck says:

      Hi. I haven’t opened mine’s yet too, but there is a skin in the box. If you ordered from Gamestop Canada like I did, you will probably get a second one. The skin was a preorder bonus. If you get the Solid Gold edition, there is a skin inside as confirmed by Atlus. I don’t know why Gamestop sent out another skin for the Solid Gold preorders when there is one inside. I feel sorry for the ones that preordered the regular edition & not get a skin if that happened.

      • AeonixG says:

        Ah Cool, well, sorry for those ppl that didnt got the skin though. but we can do community a favor, sell it to them XD

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