My Thoughts On Bullying & Cyber-Bullying

Yesterday all across the globe, many people showed their condolence to Amanda Todd.  If you don’t know, Amanda Todd was a 15 year old victim to bullying: both in life & online.  She committed suicide last Wednesday (October 10).  How she died isn’t released to the public which I think is fair.  It’s great to see how many people, not just locally, that are showing their support against bullying in all forms.  But I feel there is something wrong on how this message is delivered.

Don’t get me wrong.  I too am saddened on the loss of Amanda Todd.  She did make a difference.  But I don’t like how she had to lose her life to get this message on bully & cyber-bullying across.  This girl reached out for help with her YouTube video on how she was telling her life story with a flashcard format.  I haven’t seen the whole video, but I’m sure there are a bunch of people that did see it.  Most of us would probably see it as a self-pity video of some sort which is probably why the message was ignored.

As many of us know, people are trying to get fame or noticed on YouTube after seeing things like Justin Bieber getting his fame.  Amanda probably thought of the same thing & tried to use it to convey her message only to get removed from YouTube I heard or people just brushing it aside as someone trying to get noticed for fame.  It’s pretty sad that many of us don’t take these things seriously until the one asking for help finally takes his/her own life.

I won’t blame everyone for not doing anything until Amanda took her life cause I would be guilty of it too if I did.  Not many people knew about Amanda until now.  But I wonder about the people that knew her & her pain.  I would think that nothing was really done to help Amanda out.  It was silence that killed her.  If someone did speak out, there could have been a change that may have prevent Amanda’s death.  I’m not saying she will be alive today if someone spoke out, but there could have been a chance of it.

We humans have fear.  The fear of getting involved in a situation.  The fear of getting threaten.  The fear of making the situation worse than it is.  We need to overcome this fear somehow to possibly save another Amanda Todd.  We need to get involved somehow whether we are getting bullied or not.  If you can’t do it alone, bring someone with you.  Be that someone that the victim can rely on.  We need to remember one thing:  We are not alone.

My ranting here may be full of crap & ideas all over the place (mainly because I didn’t proofread this), but I wanted to get this out of my chest.  Bullying ain’t right & taking one’s own life isn’t right as well.

R.I.P. Amanda Todd.

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