Asian Music Invasion Actually Happening Now?

So, in the past I was posting in my blog about how Girls’ Generation & Perfume are trying to bring their music in the US market.  No surprise to me that they couldn’t hit the mainstream market in the US.  Girls’ Generation didn’t bother to release another US album as they continue their operations in Korea as their main focus.  Perfume is pretty much starting out in the US market with their Spending all my time single which isn’t a hot seller like their previous singles in Asia.  I think Perfume won’t hit it big in the US in the end.

Personally, these two girl groups aren’t going to make it.  Girls’ Generation probably knows it now & Perfume will figure it out soon.  They will please the hardcore fans which is a small niche & I salute them for coming here to do that.  However, it’s funny how their hard work doesn’t produce great results like a recent Korean rapper who virtually did nothing.

If you don’t know, Korean rapper PSY has been making a huge impact not only in Korean, but internationally.  That internationally includes the US as well.  This man hits the US market like a storm.  He had no intentions in going overseas with his song GANGNAM STYLE.  He was just focusing on coming back to the music scene in Korea after a couple of years of absence.  He makes a funny MV & most people in the US are noticing him mainly for his horse dance.  His single hits the top 10 list in a lot of music charts in terms of sales & you can pretty much hear the song in the radio even though it’s in Korean.  Heck, PSY makes appearances in TV shows & gets a SNL skit appearance as well.  Pretty much all generations know the man now.

How I see this is what PSY will do next.  GANGNAM STYLE has been out for over two months & the US is pretty much catching on this song now.  But PSY can’t depend on this song very long.  He will have to release a new single soon.  If not very soon, at least before this year ends.  We will have to see if his next single will attract the same level of hype or close to it in the US.  If it doesn’t do well, I don’t think PSY will care.  His main focus was originally in the South Korean market & I believe it will be the same.  Being in the music industry for a long time & producing hit singles in his hometown, PSY probably knows that his US fame won’t last long.  He’s probably enjoying the ride that he has at the moment & going with the flow. Being a YouTube sensation doesn’t mean you will be famous for life.

No doubt I would like to see the man succeed here, but it will depend on what PSY wants to do next & if the US mainstream will continue to follow.  But his old existing hardcore fans shouldn’t change in the end.

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