Japanese iPhone App Glance: Egg Voice (Eri Kitamura Version)

A small Japanese iPhone app will be glanced at today.  It’s (translated in rough English) Egg Voice by Project the Sun.  There are two versions at the time of posting this.  There is the Rina Satoh version & Eri Kitamura version.  Both are professional seiyuus that you will notice from many anime & games.

The version here is Eri Kitamura at 1.0.  This posting is the same as the Rina Satoh one with Eri parts instead.

The app is a simple voice app.  It mimics one of those key chain voice boxes as you can see in the pic.  You simply press the big middle button & you will hear Eri say something.  I don’t know how many phrases are in the app, but it seems small as I have heard some of them multiple times.

There are 2 modes for the app.  The Clear mode is basically the voice being clear as if someone is talking to you in person.  The Retro mode makes Eri’s voice sound like she’s on the phone.  From my experience, the phrases from both modes are the same.  You change modes by “flipping” the switch.

The top left icon just flips the egg around & you see an ad from the developer for another app.  The top right icon allows you to (I think) post the app via Twitter, SMS, & another mode that I don’t know what.

That’s it for the app.  Very simple & something for Eri Kitamura fans.  You can get the free app from the Japanese App Store by click here.

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