PS3 LE Unboxing: God of War III Ultimate Edition (Re-unboxing)

Today, there will be only chaos!

We will unleash the rage of Kratos.  This is the God of War III Ultimate Edition!  It’s so badass that the game says Ultimate Edition on your PS3’s XMB when you insert it!  Don’t know what the difference is when comparing to the normal version.  I think it’s just to show people you own the Ultimate Edition when you are logged into your PSN/SEN account.  Wait.  Correction.  The Ultimate Edition owns you!

This is a re-unboxing as I unboxed it before.  Because it made me!

A short story.  I preordered this at my local EB Games.  When I went to pick it up, I found one side of the box coming off.  Apparently the glue that was used to hold the box together on that side was either too little or didn’t connect well.  The power of Ultimate Edition must have been too strong for the box to hold itself together.  Either way, the glue was pretty dried out.  I could have asked for another box, but I thought that it would be hard since this is a collector’s edition.  Turns out that this edition didn’t sell too well.  Not sure if it was because of the game’s short gameplay.

Anyways, back to the unboxing.

The Ultimate Edition comes with a sculpted replica of Pandora’s Box, an artbook, & DLC codes.  The DLCs is a Dominus skin,  challenge maps, documentary video, & 2 digital soundtracks (a heavy metal version & trilogy one).  The soundtracks are a bit disappointing.  Would have been better to have CDs.

Opening the box, you will see an instruction sheet on how to open Pandora’s box.  It was funny to see Youtube videos of people not knowing how to open the box.  The instruction sheet is there & people try to flip the top open.  The box is opened by sliding it forward from one side.  When you play the game, it demonstrates this.  Then again, you won’t know this without playing the game & the game disc is inside the box.

Pandora’s Box.  It’s quite cheaply made actually.  The box is light & hollow.  I think it’s not made from plastic.  It’s like resin.  Each side of the box (expect the bottom & one side) has different artwork.

A couple more shots of Pandora’s Box.

Opening the box, you are given another instruction.  This time about getting the game out.

The instruction isn’t too clear on the tab part.  You need to punch the tabs down to create 2 holes & pull up the cover up from there.

If you preordered from Gamestop or EB Games, you got a preorder bonus which are DLC codes.  One code is another skin while the other is a demo of the game from E3.  The demo is useless to me since I got the code when I went to pick up the game.  The DLC card isn’t included inside the box.  I just chucked it in there so I won’t lose it.

The artbook.

Under the artbook is bottom.  Where the hell is the game?!  Well, the tab that the previous instruction was referring to is a tab that is sticking up from the side.  Put it up & you will remove the velvet bottom.  This box really likes to troll you.

Before you are greeted with the game, you will see the DLC card for the DLCs.  Under that, the game.

The game cover is no different than the normal versions.  Even the disc is no different.  I guess the UPC codes are different in order to tell difference on which is UE or not.  It would be hard for the packers to pack the game correctly.   Imagine getting an UE disc from an normal version.  JACKPOT!

That’s it for the UE version of this game.  Personally, this edition isn’t too great in terms of content.  But it was powerful enough to break my box though.

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