Do You Spell Check Your Work?

These days, the internet & social media has made it easy for everyone to be a critic.  I know that there are some people out there hoping that some big company out there will notice their work somewhere online & land them a job.  However, some of them & other people out there have their work containing spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, wrong words used, etc.

Although I’m do my blog posts & website out of my free time, I admit that I am guilty for poor writing skills as well.  All those years in English classes have gone down the drain.  I don’t do posts in hopes in getting paid for it though.  I do it just for enjoyment.  There are some people out there that do the same as me, but probably more.  They may like to share news or voice their opinions.  But looking back on my “final” posts, I feel bad seeing so many errors.

Thanks to modern technology of auto correct & spell checking, we rely on these tools too much.  So much that we get lazy & assume computers will do all of our work.  But technology can only do so much.  It may correct our spelling, it can’t give proper grammar corrections & express our true thoughts.

Throwing my two cents in to help inspiring bloggers or people looking into the world of journalism, here are some friendly reminders on how your chances of getting that job could improve.  I’m not in that field & just shooting off from my fingers, but these tips could help out.

One, check your spelling by using a spell checker.  It’s there for a reason.  Although I did say that we shouldn’t rely on technology too much, it actually applies here a bit.  Spell checkers can’t go wrong in providing you the incorrect spelling of a word.  It’s the use of the word you want in your sentences that could go wrong.

For example, I have seen many people use the word “their” & “there” wrong at times.  Take this sentence: I was their.  The word “their” is spelled correctly, but the use of the word is wrong.  Spell checkers will treat the word as right, but not the meaning of it.  I remember from my college years where my instructor told the class that she was embarrassed in using the word “pubic” instead of the word “public” during a PowerPoint presentation in the past.  It’s an actual word & the spelling is correct.

Two, don’t use words that you don’t know or unsure of.  New words are being added once in awhile & the meaning of the word doesn’t really pass around easily.  If you aren’t sure of the word, don’t use it.  Just because it’s a new trend or something spreading around like a disease, it doesn’t mean you should use it as well.

Three, don’t mix internet language with reality.  It is nice to use a lot of short form words for texting, IM, & chatrooms, but this type of language isn’t good for posting.  If you want to attract a large audience, use proper words.  Not everyone is going to understand net slang.  It’s a make or break deal.  Use full & proper words.

Four, proofreading.  Double check & maybe triple check your work.  Make sure you correct yourself from any grammar errors & spelling mistakes.  It’s always best to read it out loud as well.  It will be easier to catch mistakes.

If you are unsure of yourself, get someone to proofread it for you.  He/she may catch things that you may have missed out.  Once you post it on the net, it’s there forever.  Even if you just get one hit on it & try to go back on it, that one hit can lead to many somewhere else.

Five, don’t make lengthy sentences or paragraphs.  Don’t make very short sentences or paragraphs as well.  Know when to break them.  Long run-on sentences can lose your readers easily.  Reason why is because people are lazy.  When they see a huge wall of text, they will either skim through it & miss your point or just simply wouldn’t read it.   Give enough white space to rest your readers’ eyes.

Six, figure out if you are getting your point across.  This isn’t the easiest thing to do.  You can type as much as you want, but the message may not connect to your reader.  You want to explain yourself why you feel the way about the topic you are discussing.  You want to create a discussion on it & have people think about it.  Have them agree with you or disagree with you.  If you get people talking about your post, you know you have succeed.

That’s pretty much what I can think of at the moment.  I’m pretty sure there are more things as well, but again I’m not in the field of journalism or have excellent writing skills.  I have tripe read this post for errors, but I’m sure there are some mistakes in here that I have missed out.  I’m always the wandering type of person.

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One Response to Do You Spell Check Your Work?

  1. I scan everything for errors! I can’t help myself. Newspapers, other people’s blogs and especially my own writing.

    There aren’t many errors in your post but there is one in the last paragraph (possibly for comedic effect so I won’t point it out).

    Great post!

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