Final Fantasy Versus XIII Cancellation Rumour is just a Rumour

Well, that Final Fantasy Versus XIII rumour about it being cancelled never turned into a fact.  Square Enix head Yoichi Wada posted on his Twitter about it.  He mentions about someone posting a fake rumour about the game being cancelled & he just came out of a regular Versus meeting.  He also drops an update about the presentation of the city knocking your feet off.

Now Wada is a bit of the troublemaker for Square Enix.  You may recall what he did with Final Fantasy XIII when people thought it was for the PS3 only.  Then he says it was only for the PS3 in Japan.  Months later, it comes out for the XBox360 in Japan as an international edition.  You may recall the death threats he got about that incident.

Whether we can trust Wada or not for the debunking of the FFvsXIII cancellation is going to be a mystery.  Did he learn his mistake in the past with death threats or he’s just trolling to buy time to whether to cancel the game or not.  We may learn more about it in the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII vent that’s going to happen in Japan.  I think it was in the start of September.  Heck, FFvsXIII may be FFXIII-3 if Square feels like it.

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