Konami Makes Some Big Announcements For PS3 Games Silent Hill HD Collection & Metal Gear Solid 4

Well, Konami is trying to win some fans back with some long awaited stuff.  And man, are they really long awaited!

Yesterday, it was announced that Metal Gear Solid 4 will have trophies.  Konami will re-release the game as a “best” collection title in August.  So we should get some sort of patch around that time.  It will be interesting to see how the trophies in-game will work.  Will they transfer over as actual trophies or do we need to do everything again.  I guess I can go back to the game & play it again.  I was in a second playthrough that I didn’t finish.

Today, Konami released the long awaited patch that people didn’t think would happen.  The patch 1.02 for Silent Hill HD Collection..  The patch is only for the PS3 version.  Some of the things that it should correct is the fog, missing sounds & music, frame rate issues, & lip-synching.  I read some mixed reactions on it.  Some say it’s a major improvement & some say it did nothing again.  But the one thing that was agreed on is the fog being there.  In the end though, it still has some issues.  But the amount of problems has been reduced.  Now I think I can play the game now.

Although there is some encouragement to play those two games, I’m in the middle of playing Ninja Gaiden Sigma & man that game is kicking my ass.  Never played a Ninja Gaiden game before & my not-so-good gaming skills has gone more worse with my age.

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2 Responses to Konami Makes Some Big Announcements For PS3 Games Silent Hill HD Collection & Metal Gear Solid 4

  1. Martin says:

    When games get trophies added afterwards, the trophies are never transferred from old game saves, you have to play the game all over again to get the trophies (often you will even have to start a completely new game, you can not even continue on an old save), so it was with GTA4, Uncharted 1, Burnout Paradise, Bad Company and all other games that has got trophies afterwards, and so it certainly will be with MGS4 as well.

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