Japanese iPhone App Glance: Miku Flick

Today, we will look at Miku Flick by Sega.  Originally available in the Japan App Store, it’s now in the Canadian App Store.  If I knew that was happening, I would have waited than blow some of my precious yen on the Japanese side.

The version we will be glancing at is the Japanese 1.0.3.

Miku Flick is a music/rhythm game.  The same idea as the PSP Project Diva series, but played in a different way.

Like Project Diva, Miku Flick allows you to play the game or watch PVs.  But you need to unlock the PVs by playing the game & getting a certain grade on the particular song.

The game starts you off with 3 songs first with 2 difficulty levels.  You can unlock new songs & difficulty levels after completing a song.  The songs will have a difficulty star rating as well.

The app uses the 3D model of Miku.  Surprisingly, the graphics aren’t sharp like the PS3 version (aka Dream Theater).  It’s quite blurry.  Although I understand that the graphics on an iDevice isn’t the same as a PS3’s, but these are mainly CG videos & the retina displays shouldn’t have problems making the videos sharper.

The game is played by touching & swiping.  There is a life meter as well which is the mic stand on the left.  Empty that & it’s game over.  I never got a game over before, so I don’t know what it’s like.

You time your taps & swipes when you see the corresponding character reach that circle on the left.  I have the assistant/hint turned on which is a good thing really.  It will help you see where the character is on the bottom character icons & how to respond to them.  If a yellow dot appears, it tells you to tap.  If there is an arrow, it tells you where to swipe.  For example, if it’s an up arrow, you swipe (or flick in the app’s case) up.

If you aren’t familiar with the default keyboard which I think is Kanji, you can change it in the Options menu.  There are 3 keyboards & I would recommend the Roman one as it has English characters in it.  This is recommended if you aren’t familiar with Japanese characters.

The timing is very hard in my option.  It could be that I’m not very fluent with touchscreens, my fingers not being responsive on the screen, or my timing is bad.  I’m not bad on Project Diva, but I do terrible here.  It’s like the timing has to be dead on.

On my first try (& taking screenshots at the same time), that’s the grade I got.  I managed to improve it on this song & others, but still not good enough to unlock PVs.

But I managed to unlock a new song.  I don’t know how many songs there are in total.  From what I’ve seen, the songs seem to be the same ones from the Project Diva games.

Miku Flick is a nice app to play with, but it’s quite hard if you aren’t use to playing on touchscreens.  Also, it’s quite pricey.  You can get the app from the Canadian App Store by click here.  For $10.99, you better be a huge Miku fan & willing to play this a lot to make it your money’s worth.

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