E3 2012 Day 3: Me Likey Japanese Devs

Another day of E3 2012 has passed.  Same thing today as it’s mostly game showings.  But what attracted me today after seeing the highlights are the Japanese developer side.

Square Enix showed off a new tech demo entitled Agni’s Philosophy Tech Demo.  It’s uses the Final Fantasy theme & the graphics aren’t too bad.  Square Enix has some good graphics, but they really need to work on the finger side.  Seeing those fingers on Final Fantasy XIII looked really weird.

But what attracted me more was Project Diva F being on the floor.  I did see the booth for it from Playstation Blog’s post show live stream & was surprised about it.  Apparently Sega did put the game on the floor for people to play the demo.  Whether or not Sega will release it here is the big question.  If they do release it here, DLC will be the big question.  The game is know to add new things.  But with Sega’s track record on releasing DLC here, I don’t know if the game (if released here) will get that DLC treatment.  So getting the game from Japan is probably the only way in the end.

Games shown today that I’m hyped for:

Project Diva F for the PS Vita

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