E3 Day 1 Impressions: What I’m looking forward to

E3 day 1 is over.  I seen some of Microsoft’s conference (mainly the game part that are multiplatform), GT exclusive demos, & a lot of Sony’s press conference.  From what I heard & personally seen, I think Sony really did a number today.  Looking at today’s games, there are some that I really want either more or now.

Resident Evil 6 – Had that on my radar since day 1.  Looking at the gameplay demo today, the game seems to have advanced a lot.  It seems to be miles away from RE5 as there is a lot of moves & tricks.  Probably going to be complicated at first with a bunch of new stuff.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – Seeing the slicing & action gameplay, it grew my interest in the game a bit.  I was up & down on it before.  But since Platinum Games is making it & their action games are really sick, I’m going to look into this game more.

God of War: Ascension – Wasn’t too hype about it even though I played all of the GOW games with the exception of Ghost of Sparta.  But I will get it nevertheless.

Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation – Never got into this series as I never tried any of the games.  But this Vita game has me a bit interested.  Not sure if it’s the female character or the Vita functions.  It will have that Crystal White PSV bundle, so I may think about that since switching SEN accounts on the PS Vita is a pain.  Don’t know why they can’t do the PSP style.

Beyond: Two Souls – Interesting looking game.  Haven’t played Heavy Rain yet as it is still unopened in my collection, but this game looks interesting in the story side & has impressive graphics.  Something to look into.

The Last of Us – This game raised the roof on E3.  Seeing the gameplay for the first time, it’s like Uncharted (as it is made by Naughty Dog).  But the game seems more intense & exciting to play.  PS3 only MUST have this in their library!  DO WANT!

That’s what’s on my To-Have list at the moment.  Don’t know if I will do an E3 Day 2 one.  Depends if there is anything there that chances my eye.

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