A Gaming Haul that has Figmas? (To Aru Kagaku no Railgun LE & Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable LE Box)

Heh, I guess my next haul came much sooner than expected.  Coming from a sale from YesAsia, here’s one of the things that came in.In the package was the PSP game To Ari Kagaku no Railgun from Kadokawa Games.  In LE form of course.  This LE doesn’t have much which was why I waited for a big price drop even though it’s a visual novel game.  The LE item is a Figma figurine of Shirai Kuroko.  Now she can go harass Figma Mikoto Misaka.  That is if they both come out of their packaging.  I’ve yet to take out one figma figure from my collection.

The next item is really a LE in my view.

The last item in the package is the PSP game Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable from Banpresto.  Again, LE bitches!  I’m pretty surprised that Nitro+ took part in making this game too.  I think the LE box has a special name, but I need to look it up as it is in Japanese.  As a side note, I have yet to watch the anime show of this series.  I got this cause of the LE blood in me.  But I do plan to watch it once my anime backlog gets smaller.

I find the box illustration to be strange.  It may be because I haven’t seen the anime yet.  A tea party cover.  Meh.

Again, I wanted out for this one too.  Yesasia originally had this for a very high price.  The risk in waiting out on this with the series being very popular was rewarded heavily.  What makes it more interesting is that I managed to get the preorder bonuses.

The preorder bonuses comes with what’s taped on top of the LE box.  It has a password to unlock the PSP theme from the UMD, a mini film strip, & a Weiss Schwarz card of Madoka Kaname.  Then there’s the other preorder bonus which I have no idea what it is.  I have a flux leather appearance & appears to be a sleeve of some sort.  Need to research on that.

The LE box has a Blu-Ray disc containing the making of the game, a Kyubey PSP pouch, a clear pencil board, a handkerchief, & a Figma of Madoka in her uniform.  There are mentions of the UMD having a special picture of Kyubey’s eyes for the LE only.  Quite a lot of fancy.

Looking at my arrivals list, I think one more item my arrive before the end of the month.  It’s a small item, but we’ll see.

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