A Not So Bloody Haul for May 21, 2012 (Ninja Gaiden 3 Collector’s Edition)

Went to my local EB Games on this Victoria Day holiday with a mission.  However, I didn’t achieve my goal fully which is kind of good in terms of saving money.

Went & picked up Temco Koei’s Ninja Gaiden 3 Collector’s Edition for the PS3.  Got this for $80 before taxes.  For some reason, all the Ninja Gaiden CEs are only available at Gamestops & EB Games.  They probably have an contract to have the CEs exclusive to them.  Anyways, this was the last box & I was lucky to get it.

I actually held out on getting this since I haven’t played the first & second ones (the Sigma version) even though I have them.  What held me was the price (was $99 before) & the fact they may make a Sigma version.  But I don’t think the Sigma version is going to happen as sales for this game isn’t too good & Sigma was an excuse (in my view) for the Ninja Gaiden games to come to the PS3 & not breach the contract that Temco Koei has with Microsoft in having Ninja Gaiden games on the XBox only in a sneaky way.

Anyways, the content in this CE is the artbook, original CD OST, the Duel of the Masked figure diorama, & the DLC code for the DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Alpha demo.  Like many people, the main attraction is the DLC code for me.  But who the heck will play $100 just for a demo code?  This is why I waited for the price drop.  But don’t get me wrong.  Having a artbook is nice & I do want to play the game even though I seen gameplays of it not being like the previous two games.

Anyways, I will probably have another haul before the month ends.  If lucky, it will be two coming in the mail.  If not, one only.

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