PS3 LE Unboxing: Soul Calibur IV Premium Edition (Re-unboxing)

This is the first post for the PS3 LE Unboxing series.  What better way to start it off with the first LE I brought.  Although it’s a LE, Namco Bandai published this game as Premium Edition.  The game is Soul Calibur IV.  This is a re-unboxing as it was unboxed a long time ago as I wanted to play it.

Little story on this.  I had to ask my sister to buy this game for me on release day as I was seriously ill when the game came out.  I was sick for one month due to phenomena.  It kept me out of work for nearly over a month.  It was kind of awkward to ask her to do it as she wasn’t into the game & the cashier did kind of give her a puzzled expression.

Enough history & let’s get started.

Soul Calibur IV PE comes in a tin box with a plastic sleeve covering it.  The contents in the box is a special DLC code for extra costume & accessories, a poster, a tournament chart, &  a comic book & artbook.

This is the front of the tin box when the plastic sleeve is removed.  Interestingly enough, the box can be opened from either the front or back.  Neat.

The tin box has very nice graphics all around.

The back side of the box.

Opening the front side of the box, you will see the game.  Sadly, it’s not in a special or collector’s type of box.

Here you see the DLC card code & the collectible comic & artbook in one.  Interestingly enough (at least for me), the comic is made by DC Comics.

Next is the poster.  It has the two Star Wars guest characters on it.  I guess from this poster, people should have seen Namco Bandai’s sneaky exclusive character tactics.  Then again, the company never said it was totally exclusive as they only mentioned that you get to play a certain Star War character on said console.  Never did they say that they were only available on the said system.

On the back side of the poster is the tournament chart bracket.  Namco Bandai was nice enough to give you a mini black permanent marker to write with.  But having your name as Champion on the chart isn’t the only special thing you will get.

The winner gets a T-shirt.  The T-shirt size is the standard XL size.

That’s what the Soul Calibur IV Premium Edition has to offer.  Namco Bandai made a nice job in this as it has you use all the item here pretty much.  That is if you do want to use those one-time use items at all.

Again, the polls are still open for whether I should do PS3 LE games unboxing or not.  This is how I will layout the posts.  If the “no” out weigh the “yes”, I will stop.

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