The Quest to be an IDOLM@STER: Job #5 Completed

Well, another job for my quest to be an IDOLM@STER has came to my doorstep today.

Now in my hands is the seventh volume of the Gravure For You! series from Namco Bandai’s THE IDOLM@STER 2 for the PS3.  Got this one from Yesasia again.  Like volume six, it has the G4U! mini game, the LE versions of THE IDOLMASTER anime TV show, postcards, artbook, drama CD, & a mini idol magazine.

After doing these purchases for the G4U! volumes & looking around the web, I noticed something that I should have done for this quest.  I’ll explain this at the end of the quest though.

With two more volumes left, how much on the job budget has been used so far?

Volume seven cost me US$122.99.  The new total as of now is US$955.34.  No doubt it will be over US$1,000, but I think I can keep it just under US$1,200.

Although I did mention in a previous post that I will be doing PS3 unboxings, I still have the poll going just in case you guys ask me to stop doing them & focus on other things.

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