Insert cheap ad promo here for Asian Clothing (His and Her Ltd)

Just adding some cheap advertisement here.  As you know, not everything is anime or games or some otaku activity.  You need some real life stuff.

A friend of mine just started out a new business (or branch to an existing company of his) in selling clothing under the company name His and Her Ltd.  It’s a husband & wife business.

The clothing the couple carry is a Hong Kong brand called Together Limited.  The clothing is pretty much Asian style street clothing.  Simple & nothing too crazy.  More for the young generation who wants to be “in” from teenage to young adult.  I know some HK brands, but this one is something that I’m not familiar with.  I tend to be the strange trendy fashion type (not Lady Gaga nuts), but this clothing line isn’t too bad as it has some appeal & the material quality is pretty good.

Anyways, you can check it out by going to their Facebook page & clicking on Like to see what they offer & the prices as well.  Ships worldwide & only takes PayPal from what I know.  If you are into Asian fashion (more towards HK fashion), go check it out.  I’ll probably make a link for them in my link side.

By the way, don’t bother saying to them that I directed you there since they don’t even know my nickname nor me having blogs or websites.

UPDATE: Apparently my friend made another Facebook account & left that page pretty much empty now.  Here’s the new link.  But both links are active.

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