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Unboxing PS3 LE game posts to come soon

Looking at the current results on the poll about whether to do PS3 LE/CE unboxing posts here, it has five votes.  All of them in favour in having unboxing posts.  I had the poll running for a long time & … Continue reading

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Japanese iPhone App Glance: Love Plus iN

Let’s look at LOVE PLUS iN from Konami’s successful game IP Love Plus.  This is version 1.7.5 & iN is the Nene Anegasaki version.  To get the other girls, you need to purchase the other apps. If you have seen … Continue reading

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The Quest to be an IDOLM@STER: Job #4 Completed

Oh my god!  Girls, I got you a job after leaving you jobless for over two months! Yes girls, it’s that shocking!  What’s more surprising is that it’s not just one job, but two! From Yesasia, it’s the fifth & … Continue reading

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A Spring Musical Haul for Apr 19, 12 (Perfume Spring of Life LE)

After getting the poster, I finally got the single from Yesasia. This is Perfume first single for 2012 & their first with new record label Universal Music Japan.  The single is Spring of Life in LE form.  Interesting enough, the … Continue reading

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J-Pop Group Perfume coming to America?

In the past, I was talking about the K-Pop girl group Girls’ Generation trying to invade America, now it looks like Japan is trying to do the same thing. Universal Music Japan has signed or rather acquired the J-Pop trio … Continue reading

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A Wallpaper Haul for Spring on April 17, 12 (Perfume Spring of Life Poster)

I got this poster this morning, but didn’t bother opening it since I was going out for lunch. From Yesasia, this is part of a shipment.  This is the Spring of Life poster from Perfume’s latest single which will be … Continue reading

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My Opinion about iOS vs Android (Part 2)

Talked about advantages for iOS over Andriod last time.  Now, it’s the advantages of using Android over iOS.  Again, most of it is app based & my experience on using the OS on the Sony Tablet S: Android is tied … Continue reading

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